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Creating memorable experiences on the water is the mission and it has driven us through fantastic projects, relationships and partnerships


Daniel Randskov



Daniel is responsible for strategy and sales. He also loves coming up with new ideas and projects to keep us relevant and is always open to new partnerships.


Alex Randskov

Chief of Production

Alex is the product developer who turns the ideas on the drawing board into real rafts. At events, he is the man with the overview, who ensures that everything falls into place.

Image by Jack B

We take responsibility in that our products and projects are first and foremost created within a framework that creates safety and security. Next, we take responsibility with the help of a sustainable model, where we use partnerships and new technology that takes care of nature in the port areas.

Image by Javier Allegue Barros

We include citizens, stakeholders, customers and businesses, because we know that several brains think better than one, and because projects can be lifted higher together. In this way, community and ownership go hand in hand.

Image by Karsten Winegeart
Mutual value

Because a partnership is best when both parties win from it, we always work with mutual value, both when it is a partnership with a company and when it is a partnership with nature.

We have many business partners with strong skills who lift us, just as we lift them with an innovative concept. We take mutual value creation seriously and therefore have good references in everything from small associations to established companies to large municipal institutions. We can also create value for you - (almost) anything can be done!

We are always open to ideas for projects and new collaborations, so don't hold back from contacting us.

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