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green raft tømmerflåder med skipper og gæster hygger sig imens de sejler igennem Københavns kanaler
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green raft is the most cozy, socializing and green sailing experience in Copenhagen. A wooden raft with lanterns, plants in the fence, a big long table, and a silent electric motor. The perfect conditions for "hygge". Our captain is always included to sail you safely around in the harbor, so you can relax and enjoy the tour and picturesque surroundings. 

To smilende piger nyder en drink på green raft tømmerflåde
  • Cozy sailing in the canals of Copenhagen

  • raft with captain

  • Table and benches for 12 passengers pr. raft

  • Electric, silent and odor-free motor

  • Sail for 2 - 6 hours

  • Buy food and drinks from Green Island or bring your own

Prices and packages

Contact us in the chat if you want to sail for more than 2 hours.

The base is at Green Island CPH, Kalvebod Brygge 9, 1560 Copenhagen.

For drop on/off on other locations see options below.
Transport times are estimates and is included in your sail time. Contact us if you want this.

SOCIAL RAFTING is concept of togetherness. It is the most cozy (hyggelige) way - in our eyes - one can experience the harbor and get new friendships. Our captain is your host and green raft is our green and cozy floating living room creating the perfect set-up for a canal tour, as we think it should be. We will focus on the odd and interesting facts and anecdotes about the harbor, the project makers, the development and the architecture, that will be the base for a good conversation. 

Our first SOCIAL RAFTING-concept is a traditional "HOP ON - HOP OFF". For 150 kr. you will get 1,5 hour sailing through the picturesque canals with selected stops, where guests can hop on and off on the route. 

Please notice we start the day with sailing from Green Island CPH, but we will only get back at Green Island CPH after the last tour at the end of the day.

We can't wait to see you!

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Social sailing hop on hop off- program.png

Green Island can provide you with delicious food and drinks to bring on the tour. You just do this:

  1. Book green raft

  2. Send food/drinks order to Green Island at . See menu below. 

  • Sejler I til Reffen/Refshaleøen?
    Nej, det tilbyder vi ikke. For at få mest ud af jeres sejlads hos os og samtidig komme hurtigt til Reffen/Refshaleøen anbefaler vi, at sætte jer af ved en havnebus. Bemærk at vores transporttid tilbage til basen indeholdes i jeres sejladstid. Skal vi sætte jer af ved Nyhavn skal vi stoppe ca. 30 minutter før, og skal vi sætte jer af ved Det Kongelige Bibliotek, skal vi stoppe ca. 15 minutter før. Link til kort med ruter (Harbour bus lines): Link til køreplan:
  • How many green rafts do you have?
    We have three green rafts with a maximum capacity of 36 guests. If there are more than 36, we can arrange several rafts or boats with other providers.
  • Hvordan bestiller man flere green rafts på én gang?
    Det er muligt. Du bedes gøre følgende: 1) I kurven vælger du først det foretrukne tidspunkt. 2) Herefter trykker du "Vælg rafts / Select rafts" og her vil du se, om flere rafts er ledige. Vælg én af de ledige og tryk "Næste" 3) Indtast dine oplysninger og tryk "Føj til kurv" 4) Vælg derefter den næste ledige raft. Når du har valgt alle du ønsker, trykker du Betal.
  • What if it rains?
    Do not worry. "We got you covered?" There are umbrellas for everyone. Rain ponchos can be bought for DKK 20/pc.
  • Drop on/off locations
    The base is at Green Island Kalvebod Brygge 9, 1560 Copenhagen V. For drop on/off at other locations see below. Transport times are approx. and is included in sailing time. Contact us if this is preferred.
  • Rules for alcohol
    It is permitted to bring your own alcohol, which corresponds to max. 2 units per person per hour. It is for safety reasons and that there is no toilet on board. Beer, cider, wine and bubbles may be brought with you. Shots, hard liquor and the like are not allowed. It is not permitted to use beer bongs or mix drinks on board. Drugs of any kind is not permitted. CPH RAFT can at any time reject guests, reduce the duration of the trip or completely cancel the trip without financial compensation if the behavior of guests is deemed inappropriate.
  • Food and drinks
    It is permitted to bring your own food and drink. See terms for alcohol. Remember to bring bags for your own waste. Waste from food and drink brought with you must be taken with you when you return home. Food can be ordered from our partner Green Island CPH. See more info in the Food and drink section higher up on the page.
  • Swimming, music, and garbage
    You may not jump in the water from the vessel. In regard to swimming in the harbor we refer to general rules issued by By & Havn. It is permitted to bring a small bluetooth speaker. Larger systems/speakers may not be brought. Cph Raft has the right to regulate the sound level. A good JBL speaker can be rented. No rubbish may be thrown into the water during the trip. Guests must to take their own waste with them after the tour.
  • Boat, capacity, and service
    The vessel is a wooden catamaran, also known as a "timber raft", measuring 2.5 x 4.8 metres. The vessel contains two benches, a table, a small deck, and a fence, and is equipped with a 5 hp engine. The vessel is approved for 12 passengers, excluding skipper. Provisions, food and drink in limited quantities can be brought with you. A skipper from Cph Raft is included who controls the vessel during the entire trip. Guests are welcome to choose the route.
  • Safety
    Life vests for adults and children are available. If a passenger causes harm to him/herself or other peoples' property the passenger is liable. CPH RAFT has insurance in TopDanmark.
  • Cancellation and rebooking
    Cancellations are made by sending an email to with name and reservation. If canceled no later than 24 hours before the reservation starts, the amount will be refunded minus a fee of DKK 50. In case of cancellation later than 24 hours before the reservation starts, the amount will not be refunded. Reservations can be rebooked free of charge no later than 24 hours before the reservation starts. If Cph Raft cancels, the entire amount will be refunded. Cph Raft can cancel if weather conditions make sailing unsuitable. Cph Raft is not liable for compensation in the event of cancellation due to weather conditions, theft or technical problems.
  • Commercial usage and other terms
    The vessels may not be used for commercial use without a written agreement with Cph Raft. All prices include VAT. The entire amount for the selected experience is deducted as soon as the purchase is completed. We accept Dankort, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, credit and debit cards.
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Cozy and relaxing camping on water with blue raft. It is a floating cabin and is the perfect way to experience the blue urban space and enjoy the company of your loved ones. 

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